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Plans and More

Select Your Plan Enhancement

Select Name Price(USD)/ Type
60 Minute Website Design Consultation (WEBDC60) 99.99 Each
30 Minute Website Design Consultation (WEBDC30) 49.99 Each
Ad Unit Annually (ADUYR) 959.91 Recurring
Ad Unit Monthly (ADUM) 99.99 Recurring
Ad Unit Quarterly (ADU3M) 269.98 Recurring
Ad Unit Semi-Annually (ADU6M) 509.95 Recurring
Additional Revision (SMR) 29.99 Each
Basic Direct Demographic Ad Campaign 149 (BAD-149) 149.99 Recurring
Basic Email Campaign (EB25) 69.99 Each
Basic Email Campaign 3 Pack (EB3P25) 224.99 Each
Bonus Player (SSBPL) 9.99 Recurring
Build 10 Products (SSMP10) 54.99 Each
Build 20 Products (SSMP20) 99.99 Each
Cinsay Marketing Optimization 100 - (CMO-100) 100.00 Recurring
Cinsay Marketing Optimization 250 - (CMO-250) 250.00 Recurring
Cinsay Marketing Optimization 500 - (CMO-500) 500.00 Recurring
Embed/Revise Current Facebook Fanpage (SMFR) 29.99 Each
Embed/Revise Current Twitter (SMTR) 29.99 Each
Entrepreneur Demographic Ad Campaign 299 (BAD-299) 299.99 Recurring
Estimated Reach: 1,200-2,100 People (FBBP90) 90.00 Each
Estimated Reach: 1,700-3,200 People (FBBP120) 120.00 Each
Estimated Reach: 11,000-21,000 People (FBBP600) 600.00 Each
Estimated Reach: 2,600-4,900 People (FBBP180) 180.00 Each
Estimated Reach: 290-530 People (FBBP60) 60.00 Each
Estimated Reach: 5,200-9,700 People (FBBP300) 300.00 Each
Estimated Reach: 8,700-16,000 People (FBBP450) 450.00 Each
FB MKTG Basic (MKTG-B1) - Annually 1,596.00 Recurring
FB MKTG Basic (MKTG-B2) - Semi-Annually 798.00 Recurring
Select Name Price / Type
FB MKTG Basic (MKTG-B4) - Quarterly 399.00 Recurring
FB MKTG Gold (MKTG-G1) - Annually 2,512.00 Recurring
FB MKTG Gold (MKTG-G2) - Semi-Annually 1,256.00 Recurring
FB MKTG Gold (MKTG-G4) - Quarterly 628.00 Recurring
FB MKTG Premium (MKTG-P1) - Annually 3,600.00 Recurring
FB MKTG Premium (MKTG-P2) - Semi-Annually 1,800.00 Recurring
FB MKTG Premium (MKTG-P4) - Quarterly 900.00 Recurring
Facebook Fan Page Maintenance 4.99 Recurring
Facebook Fanpage Creation (SMF) 49.99 Each
Google+ Business Page (GOOGBP) 49.99 Each
HD Video Commercial (SSMV) 49.99 Each
Managed Video Platform Services 100 (MVSP-100) 99.99 Recurring
Managed Video Platform Services 50 (MVSP-50) 49.99 Recurring
New Poster, Video Thumb, and Product Thumb Images (SSMI) 39.99 Each
POS App for Mobile (POS) 34.99 Each
PR Basic (PR3) 69.99 Each
PR Basic 3 Pack (PR3P3) 99.00 Each
PR Business (PR4) 399.00 Each
PR Business 3 Pack (PR3P4) 999.00 Each
PR Global (PRG4) 1,999.00 Each
PR Global 3 Pack (PRG3P4) 4,999.00 Each
Premium Email Campaign (EM5K) 149.99 Each
Premium Email Campaign 3 Pack (EB3P5K) 449.99 Each
Professional Demographic Ad Campaign 549 (BAD-549) 549.99 Recurring
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 9.99 Recurring
Twitter Account Creation (SMT) 49.99 Each
Website Upgrade 199.99 Each

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